Our Auction Site is now Live!

We are a nonprofit located in Citra, Florida helping the local community by providing

many services to our local residents and homeless.


Funds help with:

Food for our Pantry

Gas Cards for our seniors

Items for the homeless

Our Work Program Needs

and much more…

Visit http://www.bringinghopeauctions.com  to bid now!


Help us fund our nonprofit by bidding on our new online auction site or by coming by and shopping our BRINGING HOPE store, which is open Friday and Sunday 9am to 4pm.


We will be adding more auction items, right now auctions are listed as 30 day auctions but once we get some bidders they will be changed to 10 day auctions.

We do this because the site is new once we get more traffic to the site they will start at 10 days.

Please share this page and bid to help us fund Hope Outreach Help Center.

Thank you for sharing!

If you need help please text or call 352-502-1495


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